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We all know the enormous problems, damages, costs and liabilities that faulty roofs can create. After many years of repairing and replacing flat commercial roofs, Owner Pat Mayock decided to take control of these problems and has formed PM Roof Services of Oxford, Maryland, to address the most often neglected area of home and property owners... maintenance of their roof!

Offering services throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and commercially in the Annapolis area as well, PM Roof Services offers a wide variety of services for both home owners, and commercial properties. These services include industrial buildings, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, homes of all sizes, garages, sheds and even dog houses!

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PM Services of Oxford, Maryland is not just a company to fix your roof. Pat Mayock has been inspecting, maintaining, installing, repairing and replacing residential and commercial roofs for over 40 years.

PM Roof Services Inc., is a locally owned roofing contractor that specializes in roof inspections, roof maintenance, roof repairs and roof replacements.

When it comes to your building, trust the experience and go with someone who knows roofing. PM Services Inc.

Call today and let's make sure the most important part of your home is keeping you and your family warm and dry.


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PM Roof Services Inc specializes in roof maintenance, inspections, repair and installations. We have over 40 years of working on residential and commercial roofing and know it's the most important part of every building.